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At BETAH, our greatest asset is our staff: an extraordinary team of diverse and dynamic professionals, each seasoned and talented, each an outstanding practitioner, all working closely together with a shared commitment to provide exceptional services and products. Our award-winning team is unique in expertly addressing all aspects of the communication and project administration process – a unified task force specifically structured to provide a solution to your specific project challenge.

Because of their individual records of achievement, the BETAH team combines an enormous range of experience and talents with remarkable professionalism and seasoned insight. So your project has the strategy and execution you need and expect. The follow-through it deserves. The detailed thinking and performance that produce big-picture results.

President’s Profile


Michelle Taylor is a creative services professional with over 18 years of experience in audio and video production, art direction, communications, and project management. In 2008 Taylor was approved by BETAH’s Board of Directors to assume the role of the company’s President and CEO following the death of her mother, Wilhelmina Bell-Taylor, BETAH’s founder. Ms. Taylor is committed to carrying forth her mother’s vision to transform the lives of individuals and communities through innovative management and communication solutions.

Having formerly served as BETAH’s Creative Services Director, Taylor has developed and implemented national and local communications outreach initiatives for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as for other public- and private-sector clients. She has spearheaded creative teams in the development of numerous multilingual print products; audio public service announcements; video and audio news releases; satellite media tours; and Webcasts featuring government officials, community leaders, and celebrities promoting critical health information to vulnerable populations.

Ms. Taylor has worked in all aspects of audio and video production – from researching and developing story ideas to writing, producing, and directing documentaries. In 2004 she was co-producer of the documentary film Tangy’s Song!, a compelling film about a young HIV-positive African-American woman with an amazing and triumphant story. Tangy’s Song! garnered a 2005 Telly Award among other honors.

Michelle is also the creator of F.I.T. by Faith – Following Illuminated Truth, a faith-based program emphasizing a spiritual approach to living a balanced and abundant life. She has created tools and products that encourage and motivate individuals to embrace the importance of spiritual fitness in their daily lives.

In her spare time, Ms. Taylor enjoys volunteering. She has served both as a mentor and PR specialist for a large youth gospel hip-hop choir and as editor-in-chief of a faith-based newsletter. Taylor also volunteers for the American Red Cross.