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The ultimate goal of our work is to help clients succeed in achieving their objectives. We do this by employing a true collaborative spirit that combines client interaction with the expertise and creativity of our professional staff.

View our portfolio and selected case studies to see how this technique helps us deliver results for our clients. Then contact us to discuss how BETAH can put our unique brand of collaboration to work for you.


Through our extensive work with a range of communications and outreach projects, BETAH has developed a solid base of corporate capabilities in the design and production of an array of promotional and informational materials for our clients. Our experience includes the design and production of enduring graphic presentations and logos; targeted print, video, and audio materials; and various exhibits and Web sites.

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Case Studies

BETAH’s body of work is proof positive that we offer a wide range of solutions to meet a variety of client needs. We set standards in communications, advertising, graphic design, audio and video production, event management, and project management that make our work exceptional and effective. These case studies provide a glimpse of the solutions we provide, and they demonstrate why agencies and organizations choose BETAH for quality services.

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