Essential Communications for the Aging and Disability Communities

Administration for Community Living

BETAH’s communications experts and the Administration for Community Living have made living in the community a reality for millions of older Americans and individuals with disabilities.


At BETAH, we believe that everyone deserves to live where they choose, and with the people they choose. That’s why we are proud to provide strategic communications services to a federal agency that works to advance independence, integration, and inclusion throughout life. Our approach involves creating a comprehensive plan to connect the agency’s diverse community of stakeholders with the resources they need to promote aging in place, self-direction, and independence.


As communications experts, BETAH helps the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and its many programs and centers to develop and share critical information with and about the aging and disability services networks and the many home- and community-based services and supports they support.


Because each person has unique needs and preferences, it’s critical that ACL and its networks communicate effectively, tailoring content to suit a wide range of experiences. That’s why BETAH uses multiple channels and tactics, including blogs, toolkits, social media, fact and tip sheets, press releases, articles, and more to support ACL’s public affairs.


For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, peer support can be impactful. To help inform partners, leaders, and others in the community, we developed a fact sheet about the peer-powered support available at the Centers for Independent Living, which work to support community living by providing resources and support that promote inclusion, integration, equal opportunities, and self-determination.


We know that explainer videos, photography, and other graphic materials can educate, explain—and, hopefully, inspire action. So we created a YouTube video showing how beneficiaries and their families can rely on local State Health Insurance Assistance Program offices when navigating the complexities of Medicare.


BETAH is also particularly proud of our contribution to the Senior Medicare Patrol program, an important service to help prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud. BETAH helped ACL put together a national radio tour for the program consisting of 26 interviews about how to prevent health care fraud. Reporting from just one week of the tour showed 187 airings across 10 markets, notoriously “difficult-to-get” stations such as WTOP (a top all-news radio broadcast station serving the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area).


BETAH’s solve-the-problem, make-things-better approach is one of the key factors that allows ACL to accomplish so much, according to a public affairs specialist at ACL.


U.S. Department of Treasury

Comprehensive Event Management for Every Need and Budget

From initial concept to registration and hospitality, BETAH is your one-stop expert in event management.

And the good news is, there’s more good news

The U.S. Department of Treasury regularly turns to BETAH to help convene global leaders and high-ranking officials in important meetings—managing all logistics from start to finish, whether the meeting is remote, in person, or a combination. For the past six years, BETAH has managed more than 500 meetings for the agency, from small conference room gatherings to international summits with multiple venues. Let us help you connect with your community—you will be glad you did.


BETAH’s events management team makes all of the necessary arrangements for the Treasury’s crowded schedule of conferences, meetings, trainings, and summits. The team works closely with the agency’s operations office throughout the entire event—from initial concept development to venue selection, budgeting, graphic design support, exhibit production and transport, site management, travel and guest services, meals, and post-event services.


BETAH’s event planning logistics are designed to handle in-person, hybrid, and virtual delivery simultaneously—which has allowed Treasury to maintain its high meeting cadence even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when gathering in person was not possible.


Meetings involving senior cabinet officials, elected representatives, and foreign dignitaries present unique planning challenges—and BETAH has met the challenge. At the 2023 spring meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, BETAH team members supported over 45 meetings involving the Treasury Secretary and Deputy Secretary, seamlessly coordinating events to allow key participants to make scheduled appearances at the event’s multiple locations.


BETAH’s event team is in high demand. Our Treasury client said it best: “The vendor is always responsive and works very well with the government.” Let us be your partner to create the perfect event for your unique needs!

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

At BETAH, Partnership Is Our Superpower

We are committed to the safety and well-being of communities everywhere. A strategic partnership helps connect local communities with highly coveted federal government’s criminal justice grants.

Business people discussing strategy with a financial analyst

Applications for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Program’s law enforcement grants were spiking—with no sign of slowing down. No problem. At BETAH, we collaborate with others whose expertise augments our own capacity—partnering across mission-critical processes and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Working with strategic partners, we craft solutions that meet the client’s fluctuating deadlines and work surges—and facilitate rapid, fact-based decision-making that earns high praise. After all, at BETAH, partnership is our superpower.


Every year, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) receives thousands of applications for grants from communities to help support criminal justice goals. The competition is fierce.


Making determinations about which communities are most deserving of these critical federal dollars is challenging. BETAH’s elite team of peer review specialists plays a vital role in gathering the information OJP needs to make informed decisions. But they can’t do it alone.


That’s why the support of our subcontractor, Leidos, is important. They provide IT support for completing the software code updates and other activities necessary for a major peer review system. And their flexible staffing support helps BETAH deliver for the customer during work surges and significant concentration of activities.


BETAH’s comprehensive management of peer review services ensures that grant applications are assessed against the program’s criteria. From supporting a diverse team of reviewers to managing the logistics for in-person or virtual review panels, we focus on the details—assuring high quality, maximum efficiency, and risk reduction.


We have a seasoned and knowledgeable stand-ready team available on day one to ensure all government requirements are met and exceeded. Our data-driven, continuous improvement processes and strong IT management practices enhance the experience for applicants, reviewers, and awardees.


BETAH has been providing peer review support services to OJP since 2015. By managing a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and under the overall guidelines of OJP’s peer review policy, the BETAH team assists DOJ with administrative and logistical support to deliver effective and efficient peer review support services. BETAH provides all necessary personnel, facilities, equipment, materials, and services required to accomplish the tasks, which include logistical and administrative support of the entire peer review process; database management; reviewer outreach and maintenance; and policy, procedure, and training maintenance and process improvements.


According to the Bureau of Justice Assistance in the U.S. Department of Justice, “BETAH managed solicitations with a very high federal manager satisfaction with no issues reported and provided consistent and regular communication with program staff. External peer reviewer interaction and overall satisfaction were consistently high.”


BETAH looks forward to keeping a continuous improvement culture that consistently seeks to advance peer review operations and services.

Persistent Health Inequities Call for Community Solutions

A Large National Insurance Provider

BETAH served as a trusted community partner by engaging and empowering departments of health, key local stakeholders, and diverse populations in the journey of optimal health.


When a large national insurance company wanted to better understand the biggest barriers to health in Montgomery County, MD, it reached out to BETAH for assistance in leveraging its community engagement expertise to connect with local leaders and stakeholders. With focus groups, listening sessions, and surveys, BETAH tapped into the vital voices of a diverse and thoughtful community. We helped create a prototype for identifying and prioritizing health needs and building community-based solutions to address them.


Before it even had a name, Voices for Vital Health was a vision. Leaders at a large national insurance company wanted to develop a pilot project for engaging with local communities hit hard by COVID-19. After extensive research, the company chose Montgomery County, Maryland, given its diverse population, as its pilot location and asked BETAH, with deep roots in the area, to lead the effort.


BETAH created a multistep process for connecting with diverse local leaders; testing targeted messaging and a project name; and guiding in-person data collection, recruitment, and sampling methodology.


BETAH’s outreach efforts included establishing a community advisory board of six diverse, and impactful leaders in Montgomery County; conducting a focus group with community-based and grassroots leaders; and hosting five 60-minute listening sessions with 31 representatives serving the county’s Black, Latino, LGBTQIA, Asian, and faith-based communities.


As the BETAH team began sifting through the feedback, it created a logical model to identify short- and long-term impacts of the pilot project. In the short term, BETAH demonstrated key strategies for reaching underserved communities.


BETAH-trained survey administrators went throughout the county and encountered residents eager to engage. For a little over two months, administrators collected more than 400 surveys. The outreach strengthened civic engagement within Montgomery County, identified avenues for further collaboration, and provided UHG with a path forward to impact other communities with unique challenges.


Montgomery County was the first community to participate in Voices for Vital Health. Our client hopes to make the pilot project its template for supporting communities across the country with similar gaps in local health infrastructure.