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Peer Review Services

At BETAH, we offer comprehensive management of peer review services that ensure unbiased and transparent grant award decisions. From supporting a diverse reviewer team to orchestrating logistics for both in-person and virtual review panels, our meticulous approach emphasizes high quality, maximum efficiency, and risk reduction.


With a seasoned and knowledgeable stand-ready team available from day one, BETAH goes beyond meeting government requirements to exceed them. Our data-driven continuous improvement processes and robust IT management practices enable rapid, fact-based decision-making, enhancing the experience for applicants, reviewers, and awardees. Our recruitment and staffing model focuses on each candidate’s specific experience and traits. We conduct well-honed, regularly refreshed training programs to acclimate new team members to the peer review process. Additionally, we manage application-related security controls, eliminating potential downstream costs and schedule risks.


Our peer review services include:


  • Project Management, Scheduling, and Budgeting
  • Quality Management
  • Policy and Operations Analysis
  • Administrative Services
  • Support for Recruiting Subject Matter Experts
  • Application Compliance Screening
  • Document Management
  • Panel Assignments and Conflict-of-Interest Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Note-Taking and Facilitation Resources
  • Virtual and In-Person Event Management
  • Technical and Summary Statement Writing and Editing
  • Reviewer Support and Payments
  • Post-Award Applicant Notification
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Professional Services  

With a wealth of experience spanning decades, BETAH has honed its expertise in managing and administering an extensive spectrum of projects and programs. Our team of professionals brings a deep reservoir of knowledge to the table, enabling us to offer not just assistance, but insightful guidance and training across a diverse array of technical domains.


Whether your requirements are of a temporary or more enduring nature, and whether they entail fundamental or intricate aspects, BETAH is primed to step in as your dependable partner. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive support remains unwavering, ensuring that we are equipped to fulfill your needs, no matter how basic or intricate they may be. At BETAH, we stand poised to provide the assistance you require to navigate any challenge successfully.


Our training, technical assistance, and professional services include:


  • Program Design and Management
  • Coordination, Facilitation, and Delivery
  • Grantee Support
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategy and Materials Development
  • Knowledge Base and Best Practices
  • Development
  • Subject Matter Expert Recruitment
  • Outcome Monitoring and Analysis
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Conference and Event Management 

From intimate workshops to expansive summits, BETAH’s comprehensive conference and event management services ensure resounding success across in-person, virtual, and hybrid gatherings. Our experienced meeting planners orchestrate every facet, meticulously navigating from site selection to post-event support. This includes deft negotiations securing optimal rates, fares, and fees.


With successful partnerships, including esteemed federal entities like the US. Department of Agriculture, US. Department of Health and Human Services, and US. Department of Justice, as well as the Maryland Department of Health, our proven track record underscores our dedication to delivering excellence. With an eye for detail and a devotion to exceeding expectations, BETAH stands ready to transform your vision into a flawlessly executed event that leaves a lasting impact.


Our conference and events management services include:


  • In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Meeting Support
  • Site Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Program Design
  • Speaker and Participant Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Travel and Logistics Coordination
  • Reporting and Transcription
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Registration (Onsite and Online)
  • Evaluation and Post-Event Services
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Communications Services

At BETAH, we’re skilled in crafting effective communication strategies. We understand that successful messages result from aligning all the components just right. You can rely on our outreach expertise to ensure your message is conveyed in the optimal way, within the right context, and through the most suitable channels.


We take your message and convey it in ways your audience already grasps, utilizing trusted community leaders they respect, cultural contexts they relate to, and even established online platforms or authoritative websites. Going further, we conduct thorough research to ensure your message deeply resonates with the people you want to engage. They can have confidence in what you are saying because we’re delivering it in a manner they trust and comprehend.


Our communications and creative services include:


  • Communications Planning and Audience Research
  • Digital Strategy and Social Media Management
  • Campaign Development
  • Branding
  • Community Engagement
  • Writing and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Management
  • Video and Audio Production