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Peer Review Services

At BETAH, we offer comprehensive management of peer review services that ensure unbiased and transparent grant award decisions. From supporting a diverse reviewer team to orchestrating logistics for both in-person and virtual review panels, our meticulous approach emphasizes high quality, maximum efficiency, and risk reduction.


With a seasoned and knowledgeable stand-ready team available from day one, BETAH goes beyond meeting government requirements to exceed them. Our data-driven continuous improvement processes and robust IT management practices enable rapid, fact-based decision-making, enhancing the experience for applicants, reviewers, and awardees. Our recruitment and staffing model focuses on each candidate’s specific experience and traits. We conduct well-honed, regularly refreshed training programs to acclimate new team members to the peer review process. Additionally, we manage application-related security controls, eliminating potential downstream costs and schedule risks.


Our peer review services include:


  • Project Management, Scheduling, and Budgeting
  • Quality Management
  • Policy and Operations Analysis
  • Administrative Services
  • Support for Recruiting Subject Matter Experts
  • Application Compliance Screening
  • Document Management
  • Panel Assignments and Conflict-of-Interest Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Note-Taking and Facilitation Resources
  • Virtual and In-Person Event Management
  • Technical and Summary Statement¬†Writing and Editing
  • Reviewer Support and Payments
  • Post-Award Applicant Notification