Learning on the job

Professional Services  

With a wealth of experience spanning decades, BETAH has honed its expertise in managing and administering an extensive spectrum of projects and programs. Our team of professionals brings a deep reservoir of knowledge to the table, enabling us to offer not just assistance, but insightful guidance and training across a diverse array of technical domains.


Whether your requirements are of a temporary or more enduring nature, and whether they entail fundamental or intricate aspects, BETAH is primed to step in as your dependable partner. Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive support remains unwavering, ensuring that we are equipped to fulfill your needs, no matter how basic or intricate they may be. At BETAH, we stand poised to provide the assistance you require to navigate any challenge successfully.


Our training, technical assistance, and professional services include:


  • Program Design and Management
  • Coordination, Facilitation, and Delivery
  • Grantee Support
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategy and Materials Development
  • Knowledge Base and Best Practices
  • Development
  • Subject Matter Expert Recruitment
  • Outcome Monitoring and Analysis